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An Illustrated Discussion of the Extended Australian Poodle Breed Standard - General Appearance and Characteristics

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This Illustrated Discussion of the Australian Poodle Breed Standard has been prepared for the purpose of promoting better understanding of, and appreciation for, the Poodle. We have attempted to do this by clarifying certain points of the Breed Standard by use of written explanations, illustrations and photographs.

Further, in order to assist the serious student relate the external appearance of the Poodle to the underlying reasons for this appearance, some of the illustrations depict the skeletal structure; some drawings have been exaggerated in order to emphasise the points and therefore are not anatomically accurate nor are they intended to be.

We realise that there is a divergence of opinion on various finer points and for this reason we have endeavoured to avoid possible argumentative aspects. It is essential that breeders, exhibitors and judges all have sufficient flexibility to accommodate valid differences of opinion; the Breed Standard must fit many diverse 'types' differing in both style and details.

We believe, however, that this Illustrated Discussion will serve as a solid basis upon which an individual may build his/her concept of their ideal Poodle.

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